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What to buy?

Posted by Portia Tapfumaneyi on

Let’s talk women coats!

The coat is the godmother of a woman’s winter collection.  Not only is it warm and a fashionable icon of winter – no woman can deny the ‘sexy coat and boot’ is what makes winter bearable and makes it less painful to trade-in the cool and light summer look for the heavier and layered winter look.

Maybe you don’t have as many coats in decent shape as you thought you did.  Or you simply need to refresh or reboot your coat collection by adding a few new ones.  Whatever your decision for shopping for a coat, it’s advisable not to shop for the coat in isolation of what is already in your wardrobe – try to visualise how the coat will look with some of your pants, jeans, dresses, shirts, tops, blouses or skirts.

As you plan to shop for one, two or more winter coats, here are some titbits to arm you for a more ‘considered’ coat shopping experience.  Now onto the fun stuff...

Classic or Trendy?

Are you going to go for the classic coat or the trendier coat?  In my opinion, it’s good to balance this out and have a few of both. 

The classic coat is timeless and versatile and will last you many winters if you are good to it.  It can be dressed up or dressed down with ease.  That’s what makes it a firm favourite with many women.

But there is always room to spice up your winter ensemble with a trendy coat or two.  Ruffle collars or sleeves, balloon sleeves, tiers are some of the styles available in women coats, making for an interesting coat shopping experience.

In both classes of coats, you will have the options of a button coat, zip-up coat, belted coat or open coat. 

Plain, Striped or Check?  Bold or Conservative Colours?

Your choice will also extend to whether you will buy the plain coat, printed coat, floral coat, striped coat or check coat (also sometimes called the plaid coat).  The colour palette goes all the way from the traditional winter colours such as black, grey, deep purple, the various shades of brown, white, cream, red and burgundy to the more vibrant and bold options such as yellow, brighter blue hues, the bright pink and green; to name a few. 

If this will be the only coat you own, it’s always better to go with a plain coat as it is easier to match with other clothing.  If it’s not your only coat, then buy something you don’t already have in your wardrobe.

It also won’t hurt to mix up the colours in your winter coats – the more range you have, the better – after all, winter is long (or simply feels long) and you don’t want to quickly get bored with your coat collection.

Heavy or Light?

The heavier the coat, the warmer it usually is, which comes in handy for those wicked ‘minus degree’ temperatures.  The wool or wool blend coat offers warmer protection against the elements.  The Acrylic and Cotton blend coat also fares very well in providing warmth.  Some fur coats (mostly faux fur is widely available and more affordable), puffer coats and quilted coats are great at keeping you snuggly and warm.

The lighter coat is best for those days that are not too cold.  Some polyester and cotton coats offer warmth whilst not weighing you down with their weight.  The trench coat remains a firm light coat favourite (lined or unlined) and will see you through those chilly summer, spring and autumn nights too. 

So, you need both a heavy and a light coat if you are going to do winter properly.  You can certainly build your winter collection without crippling your bank account - start now and slowly and build up your winter collection over time.

Short, Midi or Maxi?

Don’t forget the length is important too.  There is the short coat which tends to sit just below the waist and looks quite dapper with jeans or even smart pants for a day at the office.  The midi coat generally sits anywhere between the thighs and knees.  Not forgetting the maxi coat that falls way below the knee, most times sitting just above the ankles.  The longer the coat, the more it helps to keep the lower body warm.  The short coat, although it only covers the upper body, has its own appeal and should certainly not be overlooked when one is putting together their winter coat collection.

As you can see, too much choice is the problem you will likely encounter.  So happy shopping for that coat... or two!  The search just got easier - check out our wide range of winter coats – you are bound to love them all!


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